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Sonyanga Ole Ngais

Sonyanga Ole NgaisSonyanga Ole Ngais is the Captain of Maasai Cricket Warriors, a community from Laikipia, Kenya who loves to Play Cricket and has achieved great recognition from all around the World. A few years ago Maasai Community didn't even knew about Cricket. Thanks to Alia Bauer, Coach for Maasai Cricket Warriors, who introduced Cricket to this community. Sonyanga is currently pursuing his Bachelors degree and is also a certified Level 2 Coach by CWB. In an Interview, Sonyanga told that for Maasai, Cricket is not just a game, albeit its a tool to spread the message that will educate society against retrogressive acts. 

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Founder Sonyanga also something to share with the beautiful Cricket Community out there:


How did the team and I do this year to bring our dream and message to life on women’s rights, female genital mutilation, leadership and conservation? 

Those of you who follow me on Facebook will know I had to break my study sequence for one semester after successfully completing my first year – full results attached, last semester my GPA was 2.96 out of 4.0. The decision to take the break was not taken lightly, but was decided with the consultation from my study funding coordinator and supporter, Bernard Fourie, from AfricaBeyondAid. 

The break was due to the work I was involved in of bringing the messages against FGM, Gender equality and Rhino conservation awareness to the world. This included several trips abroad – I travelled to the UK upon invitation of the producers for the Warriors film premiere in London, highlighting our work in the community. I did a number of media interviews for radio and TV, such as the BBC & Sky (some links below). As a communications student, this experience was invaluable! Our team is also featuring in a movie “The journey is the destination” in South Africa and we travelled there to play cricket and convey our important message. Last, but not least we opened a new structure at the Maasai Cricket Warriors field funded by Australian Aid: Maasai Cricket Warriors LADIES – yes!!

So I hope you will agree, it was a break in studies well spent. This whole experience was very valuable in the long term view of my life, leadership skills and community development. I really appreciate all your support, both financially or motivation and moral advice. There is too many to thank personally – but know that every bit of support is a win for me and my community. Were it not for you all I wouldn't have continued with my studies last semester.  

I now need to face my second year at uni and I’m standing in front of you for support again. Bernard is helping me co-ordinate another crowdfunding round. You can rest in the fact that he makes sure the university  fees are managed well and keep me on my toes with regards to the studies. 

I know you have lots and lots of expenses at this time of the year, but believe me, any little contribution for my studies will put a smile on my face and more importantly you will have contributed to my society which we are all trying to shape. 

We have put together some limited edition contributor gifts for all of you – check it out on the crowdfunding link:https://www.rockethub.com/projects/63840-a-journey-maasai-warrior-university-graduate-african-leader

Or if you are able, any support can be directly transferred into a UK bank account set up for this purpose – HSBC UK – Name: Fourie, B&L Acc nr  81890255 Sort code: 40-02-16, IBAN: available on request. (This way we don’t pay the crowdfunding website commission and you’ll still receive the gifts). For more details or assurances on this process, feel free to contact Mr Bernard Fourie on tel: +447921239945 orThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .  

All the best and season’s greetings to you all,



There is a lot of media coverage around our work, especially the “Warriors” film,  which I really feel it will be great to share with you: 

·         Live at ARISE TV (includes Warriors film trailer) http://youtu.be/rAHF2jv-Y-k

·         https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7k7SM2Gs860

·         https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MSR5fBLbNgQ

·         Live at BBC WORLD SERVICE http://www.bbc.com/news/world-africa-34802903

·         CNN inside Africa http://edition.cnn.com/videos/world/2015/11/16/spc-inside-africa-ol-pejeta-conservancy-c.cnn

·         BBC Women: http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b06pcz0b

·         http://www.fawcettsociety.org.uk/blog/howzat-maasai-warriors-challenge-fgm-through-cricket/

·         "Maasai Cricket Warriors determined to hit female genital mutilation for six | Liz Ford"  http://gu.com/p/4e48d/swa

·         https://ssl.bbc.co.uk/programmes/p038f02c/player?chromeless

·         http://www.euronews.com/2015/11/19/caught-by-the-maasai-at-mid-on-warriors-play-cricket/  

Hope to hear from you, and you contribution will be highly appreciated.


Sonyanga Ole Ngais
Captain Maasai Cricket Warriors
+254 711433242

Office Bearers

Role Name
Chairperson Memusi Christopher
Assistance Chairperson Evelene Nteekwa
Secretary General Sonyanga Ole Ngais
Assistant Secretary Kuraru Evalyn
Treasurer Meshami Nalang'u

Affiliations and Legal Status

Maasai Cricket Ladies is a youth group which is registered under Social Services in Kenya.

Affiliations & Legal Status Maasai Cricket Ladies is a youth group which is registered under Social Services in Kenya.


Among the pastoralist communities of Laikipia, women have very low status – their main role is to bear children, look after the household, build houses, walk long distances in search of water and firewood and tend to small livestock. Due to lack of education and exposure, women are often not aware of their rights. Girls in this region are still threatened by retrogressive cultural practices such as female genital mutilation and early marriages, which results in girls dropping out of school early.

Female genital mutilation (FGM) is a cultural practice that comprises partial or complete removal of the external genitalia for non-therapeutic purposes. Although the practice is prohibited in Kenya, through presidential decrees of 1982 and 1989, the fact is that it is still highly practiced by most pastoralist communities and a few other communities.

This usually happens when the girl is between the ages of 9-13yrs and the decision to undergo the rite is usually made by the father who is the head of the household.
Sports will contribute to the transformation in the status and lives of women and girls so that they can realize their rights and their full potential. Through cricket participation we promote excellence, youth leadership, reproductive health rights and economic empowerment to help girls and young women escape the cycle of poverty and retrogressive cultural practices.

You make it possible for us to conduct our social work activities by donating and sponsoring our activities. Please consider giving a hand for the warriors in as they facilitate that desired positive change in their society.


This Section will run you through the Grounds where we practice and play. Do Come and Join Us in spreading the peace and harmony through Cricket.

Mission & Vision


To improve the social-cultural and economic situation and status of the Maa community through influencing the maintenance of the positive moral code of the community and defending its natural and intellectual property rights. By promoting effective cultural and formal education, eco-tourism, sporting and health activities for the betterment of the Maa community and the Nation of Kenya.


To improve the social-cultural and economic situation and status of the Maa community through:

  1. To participate in and promote the Cricket, athletic and other sporting activities locally and internationally.
  2. To promote effective cultural and formal education through sporting mentorship programmes with cultural and formal schools and in partnership with other organizations.
  3. To document, disseminate and protect from exploitation the sporting and other intellectual property rights of the Maa community.
  4. To Influence and promote the preservation and development of the positive traditions, moral code and culture of the community, including sustainable utilization of historical monuments and sacred sites situated in Maasailand.
  5. To advocate for improved access, coverage and quality of health services by the Maa and other communities locally, nationally and internationally.
  6. To seek justice for the historical cultural and land injustices and continually stay alert to ensure the protection of the land, cultural and social rights of the community.
  7. To promote conservation and effective management of the natural environment and resources, within and without the community, including water, plants, etc for the sustainable benefit of the Maa communities.
  8. To promote effective conservation of wildlife and protect the accrued rights of the Maa communities emanating from their conservation of wildlife
  9. To promote and advocate for eco-tourism enterprise development in the national and local conservation areas across East Africa that are mainly found in the community’s lands.
  10. To participate in the formulation and implementation of the national and county policy and laws to ensure that the Maa communities are not further marginalized and disadvantaged.
  11. To mobilize all types of resources needed to achieve the operational objectives, goals, vision and mission of the MACWAT.
  12. To enter into any arrangement, co-operation, agreement or contract with any person, persons or legal entity which the MACWAT may think desirable and in line with the championing of its objectives, goals, vision and mission

About Maasai Cricket Warriors

The Maasai Cricket Warriors are acting as role models and ambassadors in their communities where they are actively campaigning against retrogressive and harmful cultural practices such as FGM (Female Genital Mutilation) and early childhood marriages, which are contributing to the spread and increase in the cases of HIV/AIDS.

Who we are?
Laikipia Maasai in Kenya have exchanged their spears for cricket bats. They use cricket as a vehicle to transmit messages against social injustices, FGM and early forced marriages and wildlife conservation
To promote the desired positive change and development among our people through sports and community participation.

What we do?
The warriors utilizes cricket as a vehicle of transmission for:
Creating HIV/Aids awareness through introducing, training and coaching new cricket groups,
Targeting alcohol and substance abuse through cricket,
Empowering Girls and Women through cricket,
Building peace among rival communities through cricket,
Using cricket as a way to spread messages about conservation and engaging children and youth in conservation activities.

Fighting all sorts of discrimination
The Warriors aim to improve the social-cultural and economic situation and status of the Maa community through influencing the maintenance of the positive moral code of the community and defending its natural and intellectual property rights. By promoting effective cultural and formal education, eco-tourism, sporting and health activities for the betterment of the Maa community and the Nation of Kenya.

Promoting leadership among Maasai girls
The Maasai Cricket Warriors are generating a lot of interest and they have been receiving positive media publicity. MCW uses this opportunity to promote the involvement of Maasai girls in cricket games. We believe that Maasai girls can make great leaders given the opportunity and that sports provides a greater and democratic arena for nurturing leadership among our youth.

Our intention
We seek to promote, customize to change and protect the positive culture of our people. We realize the potential of our intellectual properties and we intend to benefit from. We hereby constitute ourselves as an organisation to secure, conserve our socio-economic heritage and culture for the prosperity of the Maa community and the nation’s future generations.
Maasai cricket warriors Trust (MACWAT) was registered in july 2013 in Kenya to oversee the organisation’s policy formulation, overall decision-making and implementation of strategy and programmes.

Awards won by our work:
2012 I.C.C Development Global Winner for:
* Best Cricket Promotion and Marketing Programme

2012 I.C.C Development Africa Region Winner for:
Best Cricket Promotion and Marketing Programme
Best Spirit of Cricket Award
Photo of the Year Award