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Welcome to the Official Website of Maasai Cricket Ladies

Maasai Cricket Ladies Team aims to coach Maasai Ladies to play cricket and using it as a tool to educate the community for a healthy living. It is formed in the year 2013 by the captain of Maasai Cricket Warriors, Mr. Sonyanga Ole Ngais. Captaining in the MCW I realised the need to start up a ladies’ team that will play cricket and help their fellow girls to realise their rights as they play this beautiful games. We understand that we need a lasting change for our people. We can do this by using sports especially as a tool of transmission of rights and justice for the eradication of Female Genital Mutilation and gender discrimination in our societies. We know that we hold the key to that desired positive change and development. But we cannot do it alone. We need you to push and pull us to make us strong and equipped enough to help our own selves. This is the only sustainable way for us to protect the integrity of our people and gain the desired positive change for our own survival.

Help us to help our people. Part of our good culture is ancient, retrogressive and harmful to us. We the Maasai Cricket Ladies uses sports to eliminate female genital mutilation (FGM) and all gender inequalities from Maasai land for the greater good of the community. We need resources to establish Maasai cricket ladies in Maasailand. Apart from cultural injustices, we also Part of our good culture is ancient, retrogressive and harmful to us. We the Maasai Cricket Ladies uses sports to eliminate female genital mutilation(FGM) and all gender inequalities from Maasai land for the greater good of the community. We need resources to establish Maasai cricket ladies in Maasailand. Apart from cultural injustices, we also face systemic social injustices which we can overcome with our self selling cultural brand. Help us adapt another reliable source of livelihood for our own survival as a people and for the entire humanity. The cattle people can no longer practice large scale cattle farming or move from place to place in search of green grass and water for their cattle. Lack of land, prolonged droughts and famine have greatly contributed to the poor state majority of Laikipiak Maasai live in. Our children and women are the ones mostly affected and we are moved to protect them for our own good.